White Paper

Learn How Broadcasters Can Use AI to Track and Validate Ad Content


Why are so many marketers prioritizing digital ads?


Consumption of radio and TV is up across all markets, providing an opportunity for advertisers to tap into these audiences.

Many do not realize that broadcast ads can generate more lift than their digital counterparts. With advances in attribution technology, broadcasters can now compete with digital to win back clients, and retain and grow their current roster of advertisers with the metrics to prove success.


Download our white paper to learn how you can:

  • Track native integrations with in-content sponsorships for locally produced programming like news, weather, sports, and community affairs shows.
  • Identify, quantify, and recap every element of a campaign, including spots, spoken mentions, studio sponsorships, and more.
  • Attribute an advertiser’s web traffic lift to their on-air campaigns.
  • Quickly search a broadcast for spoken words, faces, logos, objects, and sentiments—in near real-time.
  • And more!
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