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Industry Report: Future of Unstructured Data

Insights from 300+ Digital Transformation Leaders

When we talk about data, it’s usually in reference to structured data which fits neatly into fixed fields. However, with the advent of AI processing, unstructured data which has long been hard to reach and leverage is now unlocking new insights for companies adopting AI. 

As data creation continues to accelerate, AI will be critical in enabling the processing of both structured and structured data. Talking with over three hundred digital transformation leaders, we uncovered what the future of AI data processing looks like as companies continue to transform and take their next steps into a digital-first future.

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What you’ll find in the report…

Unstructured data
What is unstructured data processing (UDP)?

Learn the differences between structured and unstructured data and what role AI is playing in making this process possible today.

Who is adopting UDP and what is their role?         

Find out who is adopting UDP and what role they serve at their respective companies as they make AI part of their digital transformation strategy.

An expert Q&A with Ryan Bazler, VP Marketing, Veritone Inc

Hear from Ryan Bazler, an expert on AI data processing as he answers key questions on the use of the technology and its application with real customers.