RIPA Compliance, Reimbursement & Funding - Did You Get All Your Paperwork Straight?

As hundreds of law enforcement agencies across California are investing in training and systems readiness to comply with AB 953 -- the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA), how prepared are you with all your RIPA compliance paperwork? As a state mandated expense, your agency may be eligible for reimbursement of associated costs.

Veritone has partnered with Nichols Consulting whose firm has been retained by dozens of California agencies and municipalities to assist them with state mandated expense reimbursement such as AB 953 (RIPA). During this session, you will receive specific guidance on reimbursable items and be able to ask your own questions, too (including those around current and future RIPA funding).

With over 17 years of experience in helping California cities, counties, and special districts with their state-mandated cost claims preparation services, Andy Nichols will share with us important information, key tips, and best practices for getting reimbursement for all things related to your RIPA implementation and program.


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