Veritone aiWARE for Relativity®

Installing Veritone aiWARE for Relativity allows you to easily play and view your audio and video files right from Relativity – for free, with no additional work.

Complete the form to download Veritone aiWARE for Relativity .rap file today and see how Veritone Legal can strengthen your eDiscovery and compliance efforts. 

User Guide and Release Notes can be viewed here.

By downloading the free version of Veritone aiWARE for Relativity, you agree to the Veritone aiWARE for Relativity Terms of Use.

*To start transcribing your audio and video files, your Relativity instance must be connected to a valid Veritone account. Please contact your Relativity administrator or Managed Service Provider to provision a Veritone account. If you do not have an administrator or provider, please contact Veritone directly at