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Could Ad Attribution Become TV’s Newest Currency?

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When was the last time you were able to answer confidently when your advertiser asked you “What was the reach and how effective was that ad campaign?”
While each broadcaster has its own methods to answer that question for its advertisers, many still find it challenging or they don’t use an attribution solution to help them derive ad performance for spots and campaigns.
Join Veritone as they spotlight their client, Gray Television’s Nick Felton, Digital Sales Manager of WWSB-TV (ABC affiliate).  Learn the importance of attribution and how TV broadcasters (such as Gray Television) can leverage ad attribution to help them: further optimize their advertising campaigns, reveal greater customer return on investment (ROI), enhance transparency with the advertisers – all while driving greater revenue for the organization. 
Also, get an in-depth view of Veritone’s award-winning attribution solution, Veritone Attribute, and see how this simple, easy-to-use application is taking the radio and TV broadcasting industry by storm.

Veritone Attribute connects to your client’s website analytics so that you and your advertisers can make tangible connections between advertising campaigns and the actions the target audiences have taken on their website, in near-real-time.

Whether you’re currently using attribution or not as part of your ad effectiveness equation, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this webinar!


Nick Felton

Digital Sales Manager, WWSB-TV Sarasota, FL

Nick has over 10 years experience in broadcast and digital media and has worked in both large, and small markets. Nick currently leads a team of eight account executive who sell to local, regional and national clients. Nick and his team have been using Veritone for the past 11 months with much success.

Paul Cramer

Managing Director of Enterprise Radio Solutions, Veritone

His tenure with Radio spans over two decades, the last 16 of which include working with broadcasters and audio publishers to grow revenue and engagement using established and emerging digital tools and strategies. During his career, Cramer has had first-hand experience leveraging almost every digital asset available to Radio including artificial intelligence, content management systems, loyalty marketing programs, online contesting, online research, email marketing, SMS, format-specific web content, daily-deal commerce programs, podcasting, live streaming, online audio ad platforms, programmatic ad exchanges, streaming metrics, crowd-sourced radio, mobile applications, and more.