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It’s one thing to use an attribution solution to show your advertisers how effective their ad campaigns are. It’s quite another to demonstrate that the attribution solution you’re using is actually accurate. How do you know if the attribution solution you are using is really effective or if it’s simply checking some of the boxes? How do you reassure your advertisers that your data is solid and guidance is sound?

Veritone hosted WideOrbit having a candid conversation about how the companies work together to create a leading attribution solution. We break down how these technologies work and the ways in which they complement each other to create this award-winning approach.

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • How attribution in broadcast advertising for radio and TV really works
  • How broadcasters and advertisers can make data-informed decisions on ad campaigns 
  • The importance of automated broadcast log transfers vs. manual uploads 
  • Why real-time data makes a difference in overall campaign optimization
  • Why pixels and consumer-level data are not needed for this attribution approach 
  • Why it’s imperative to include live reads, organic mentions, and in-content placements in your attribution data vs. only prerecorded spots 

Find out how the combination of Veritone’s broadcast advertising attribution solution, Veritone Attribute, and WideOrbit’s WO Traffic platform has enabled stations to retain more advertising revenue and to better compete for new, previously unattainable advertising share.

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Tim Swift

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Swift joined WideOrbit in 2018 and leads client-facing operations for WideOrbit’s enterprise solutions, including WO Traffic, WO Network, WO Streaming, WO Automation for Radio, WO Media Sales, and WO Payments.
Before becoming Chief Operating Officer, Tim was WideOrbit’s Vice President, Integrations, where he led initiatives to integrate the company’s software with other business systems critical to the media industry. Prior to WideOrbit, Tim held positions as Financial Controller and Director of Business Systems & Analytics at Bonneville International, and Chief Financial Officer at early-stage startup Montclair Technology. He was also an Owner and Company Director of a financial advisory firm, serving high-value clients in his native Australia, before moving to the United States.


Paul Cramer

Managing Director of Enterprise Radio Solutions
Veritone, Inc.

Paul Cramer currently serves as Veritone’s Managing Director of Enterprise Radio Solutions. His tenure with Radio spans over 25 years, most of which include working with radio broadcasters and audio publishers to grow revenue and engagement using established and emerging digital tools and strategies. During his career, Cramer has had first-hand experience leveraging almost every digital asset available to Radio including artificial intelligence, content management systems, loyalty marketing programs, online contesting, online research, email marketing, SMS, format-specific web content, daily-deal commerce programs, podcasting, live streaming, online audio ad platforms, programmatic ad exchanges, streaming metrics, crowd-sourced radio, mobile applications, and more.