Is your agency ready for RIPA? Hear from other agencies and their lessons learned

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Featuring San Diego State University Police Department, Monterey Police Department, and Anaheim Police Department

This year, over 500 California Law Enforcement Agencies are scrambling to prepare themselves to meet the state DOJ's required compliance with Assembly Bill (AB) 953, the Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA).

During this live panel discussion, you will learn from three different agencies their approach, best practices and lessons learned readying themselves for Stop Data Collection and subsequent delivery to the state DOJ. Our guests will include two lieutenants leading their respective agencies' evaluation of methods for collection as well as an agency records manager who led her organization's "go live" earlier this year.


Lieutenant Greg Robertson

San Diego State
University Police Department

Lieutenant Jake Pinkas

Monterey Police Department

Nicole VanTrain

Police Records Manager
Anaheim Police Department

Mike Morper

VP of Product Marketing, Veritone