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Ohio’s New Police Video Disclosure Laws Put The Redaction Onus On State Law Enforcement Agencies

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Ohio has become the latest state to mandate public access to police bodycam and dashcam videos, expanding on a growing nationwide trend toward transparency in law-enforcement.

However, similar to other states, Ohio’s new legislation puts the burden of facilitating public access squarely on the shoulders of police. 

For Ohio law-enforcement departments, complying with the legislation will, more likely than not, result in incurring major costs to conduct video review and redaction, with agencies requiring expensive software and well-paid staff to scrub video and audio recordings of sensitive information—such as innocent faces captured by bodycams.

However, there’s good news for police in Ohio and across the country, with the arrival of cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that can dramatically cut the costs of collecting, reviewing and redacting video and audio for public disclosure.

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