The Podcast Promise - Topic Extraction for Monetization and Brand Targeting

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In Depth Analysis  | White Paper

Ryan Steelberg, President, Veritone, Inc.

Podcasts are exploding not only in volume but also in the variety of the content. With so much content geared to diverse audiences, podcast producers are starting to realize the staggering potential for monetization. Likewise, advertisers are looking to this untapped medium for reaching and engaging new audiences.

Given the need to optimize inventory and provide better ways for advertisers to reach the right listeners at the right time, it’s imperative that podcast distribution platforms, creators, and advertisers look to solutions who provide contextual ad targeting solutions.

Veritone Content Classification capability, powered by aiWARE, enables comprehensive and automated topic analysis, extraction, and time-coded tagging of podcasts. Podcast publishers can easily integrate the solution into their existing ad-platforms and workflows.

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