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Are you looking for an attribution solution to help you and your clients determine if the current ad campaigns are working? 

Do you have the ability in near real time to leverage engagement data and analytics to help you steer a strategy to retain more of your current advertising clients, increase ad spend, and continue to add new clients? Or do you have an attribution solution today but you’re not getting much out it and/or you’re not completely satisfied?

Whether or not if you answered yes or no to any of the questions above, here’s your opportunity to take a peek at Veritone’s award-winning attribution solution Veritone Attribute,.

Veritone Attribute connects to your client’s website analytics so that you and your advertisers can now make tangible connections between advertising campaigns and the actions the target audiences have taken on their website, in near-real time. It also features custom attribution time spans to align advertising campaigns with audience response - making on-air broadcast part of digital with real data and insights. How you can use a centralized platform to view your client’s attribution analytics on pre-recorded, live reads, and organic mentions.

  • How you can use a centralized platform to view your client’s attribution analytics on pre-recorded, live reads, and organic mentions
  • How you can advise your clients throughout their campaigns on how to best maximize their ad spend through real data
  • Measuring online response to on-air advertising campaigns
  • New features in Veritone Attribute!

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Jeanette Kadow

Sales Director Media and Entertainment - Veritone, Inc.

Jeanette Kadow is the Media & Entertainment Regional Sales Director, West, for Veritone Inc. Jeanette's spent nearly two decades in Broadcast Media and Technology. Jeanette received her B.A. in Journalism from San Diego State University and is an active member of the SDSU Aztec Mentor Program. 

Daniel Wong

Director, Product Marketing - Veritone, Inc.

Marketing/Consumer Product Management executive. Extensive background with retailers, dealers, Fortune 500 customers, distributors, Internet service providers, telecom/cable service providers, mobile phone carriers, utility operators, OEM’s and Asian manufacturers (on a domestic & international basis).

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