When New York’s Criminal Procedure Law Article 245 takes effect January 1, 2020, DA’s must provide discovery within 15 calendar days of the defendant’s arraignment.

Veritone’s Illuminate platform is specifically designed to help legal teams tackle ECA challenges. With Veritone Illuminate, teams can assess audio, video and text-based evidence when they are making their initial case evaluations. This gives legal organizations greater control over time and cost.

Legal professionals can use Illuminate to quickly pinpoint, search and analyze media on the front end to focus only on relevant evidence while leveraging best-of-breed AI engines to produce a searchable index. They then can export media assets to a desired eDiscovery or disclosure-review platform, further accelerating the process of ECA and eDiscovery.

While justice may be blind, it’s certainly not dumb. With the arrival of AI tools, the eDiscovery process is getting smarter and allowing government lawyers to meet the strict time constraints imposed by new laws like the one in New York.

In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn how Veritone can assist your office in the timely culling, review and redaction of ESI, including audio and video files. 

This webinar is available On-Demand and can be watched immediately.

The Veritone Team