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Proven AI for TV Networks. Experience it Live

Veritone’s leading AI-enabled solutions augment and scale manual tasks and introduce new media intelligence capabilities such as advanced advertising analysis, content intelligence, media activation, and consumer experience solutions. 

With highly accurate, hyper-indexed structured data, you have the knowledge and power needed to make better decisions, increase revenue, and improve workflows. 

In this webinar you will learn how to: 

  • Provide advertisers with insights to their campaigns and quantify ROI
  • Turn unscripted, unstructured media into structured, actionable intelligence  
  • Leverage AI to enrich production workflows
  • Use AI-powered content management and collaboration tools for intelligent media activation 
  • Enhance consumer experience and increase engagement – home and abroad 


Logan Ketchum

Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Since 2015 Logan has provided consulting to our top media and entertainment customers on the enablement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to tangibly impact their respective businesses.

Ben Howell

Director, Product Management at Veritone, Inc.

Responsible for product management, market analysis, agile development practices and data-driven decision making to ensure products exceed customer experience, technical precision, scalability, and profitability.