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As the world of audio, video, and social surveillance exponentially evolves, so must the services, technologies, and expertise of law enforcement agencies, corporations, and legal communities that use it. Veritone and Xact Data Discovery provide a new service for law firms, corporate legal departments, and law enforcement agencies to efficiently prepare and produce redacted audio and video for use as evidence or in response to public records requests. Key Features -

  • Secure CJIS Cloud Deployment (AWS Gov Cloud or Microsoft Azure)
  • Quick turn around time
  • Full Audit Logs
  • Automated Head Detection
  • Transcription based audio redaction
  • Downloadable audit logs

Jointly presented by Xact Data Discovery and Veritone, the webinar will discuss the exponential growth of the surveillance market, changing legislation, and the demands to comply with requests for redacted evidence. Watch now to learn how you can reduce the costs and time required to comply. 

For more information, visit www.Veritone.com/Redact