Capture 100% of Your Content: Applying AI at the Intersection of Documents and Media

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Intelligent process automation, which blends AI and process automation, can automate the extraction and understanding of rich media – video conferences, voice calls, video, and pictures.

What does this mean for your business? You can now automate any contact and communication points in your processes – for example, in call centers and lines-of-business such as insurance claims processing, customer onboarding, and customer servicing. 

Until recently, many intelligent process automation tools:

  • Had no AI under the covers
  • Addressed specific tasks, not departmental processes 
  • Automated little and required human assistance for the rest
  • Required expensive AI/ML engineers and data scientists

With AI proliferating, that has all changed. Intelligent process automation is now possible with the combination of robotic process automation (RPA), business process automation, and AI - particularly the intelligent processing of all documents, rich media, and data. 

In this webinar, Richard Medina of Doculabs and Veritone’s Ryan Bazler explain how to incorporate this new approach into your cloud-based content and process management strategy. You will understand the scenarios where the technologies and products best fit, and how to try before you buy. 

You will learn:

  • Why documents and rich media should be captured within the same workflow processes
  • How AI models processing media content can streamline customer contact center and line-of-business processes
  • How to deploy these approaches over the next few years and how to manage and govern them


Your Host, Jean Elliott

Management Consultant, Doculabs

Jean is a management consultant with a diverse set of expertise in consulting, designing, and managing large-scale business transformation plans and global technology implementations across multiple industries.

Primary areas of focus are process mining, project management, operating model design, business case development, communications and change management, training, and talent development.

Richard Medina

Co-founder & Principal Consultant, Doculabs

As an expert in enterprise-level content and process management, Rich works with organizations in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, energy, and utilities.

Aaron Daniel

Solutions Engineer, Veritone, Inc.

Aaron is passionate about artificial intelligence and committed to utilizing new and innovative AI solutions to solve customers' problems.

Ryan Bazler

VP Marketing aiWARE, Veritone, Inc.

Ryan is the Vice President of Marketing for Veritone. He is responsible for product marketing, marketing communications and demand generation for the aiWARE business unit, busy making the world a better place with the aiWARE operating system for AI.