Intelligent, near real-time media attribution for radio broadcasters

You know that advertising over the radio is effective, but can you find the data to back it up? You’re constantly discussing ad campaigns with your advertisers and getting the question: Is my advertising campaign working? You think it is…. But, how do you know?  

Veritone’s new application, Veritone Attribute, gives radio broadcasters a simple and fast solution to demonstrate the effectiveness of not only pre-recorded spots but live reads and organic mentions as well, in an economically priced, self-service platform.

Veritone Attribute gives you the tools and concrete evidence to make connections between ad placement and the actions the target audience has taken on the advertiser’s website. Now, you finally have a way to provide advertisers with strategic guidance on ad placements and campaign adjustments to drive customer investment and ROI.

Don’t just play the guessing game. Measure and track ad delivery overlaid with web traffic activity, in near real-time, to determine the performance of ad campaigns.

Join Veritone’s Daniel Wong, Product Marketing Director, as he provides a live demonstration of Veritone Attribute.

Discover how:

  • You can leverage AI to determine the effectiveness of advertisements in near real-time
  • You can make connections between ad placements & audience actions
  • You can advise advertisers throughout their campaigns on how best to use their ad dollars to accelerate purchases
  • You can keep and increase your customers’ ad spend

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