Centralized Digital Evidence Management

A suite of AI-powered applications that helps you quickly access, search, manage, organize, and share digital evidence.

Introducing Veritone iDEMS

To help people buried with digital evidence, Veritone has built iDEMS upon our award-winning aiWARE platform, offering a suite comprised of Veritone’s market-leading public sector solutions, including Veritone Investigate, Redact, Illuminate, Tracker, and IDentify. The integration of these tools in a single system allows you to expand what is humanly possible by automating workflows from different data silos in a secure, centralized evidence system.

Request a demo  to learn how Veritone iDEMS will help solve workflow inefficiencies, backlogs, burnout, and budget constraints:

  • MANAGE DIGITAL EVIDENCE: Manage, organize, share, and distribute audio, video, images, and PDFs on a secure, CJIS-compliant AWS Cloud.
  • LEVERAGE AI: Access hundreds of AI engines within Veritone Investigate, such as Transcription, Translation, Facial Recognition, Object Detection, Text Recognition, and more.
  • CONTROL WORKFLOWS: Harness evidence workflow to automate ingestion and tagging and use permission settings to improve evidence oversight and security.

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