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Does your current Digital/Media Asset Management Solution:

  • Provide key stakeholders access to content in a central portal?
  • Allow you to control which users (or groups of users) have access to specific content types?
  • Provide a simple way to upload content?
  • Ensure the content is easy to discover?
  • Enable you to understand portal activity around usage and downloads?
  • Generate new revenue streams from your content?
  • Allow you to brand your portal to match my company’s look and feel?
  • Give you the option to license your content?

Join webinar host, Tom Coughlin, with Veritone's Ben Howell, Director of Product Management, on Veritone’s asset management solution, Veritone Digital Media Hub and how it complements your existing media or digital asset management system to securely access, manage, deliver, and monetize your valuable content.


Thomas Coughlin

President of Coughlin Associates

Tom Coughlin is the President of Coughlin Associates, Inc. (www.storagevisions.com). He is an authority on data storage products including storage devices, network attached storage, storage area networks, and storage applications. Tom is the author of Digital Storage in Consumer Electronics: The Essential Guide published in March 2008 by Newnes press (a division of Elsevier). Dr. Coughlin held senior engineering and management positions at several digital storage component and systems companies. His responsibilities include technical evaluations, engineering consulting, project management, market and technology reports, technical article writing, expert witness work and conference organizing. He is the founder and organizer of the annual Storage Visions Conference (www.storagevisions.com) and the Creative Storage Conference (www.creativestorage.org).

Ben Howell

Director, Product Management at Veritone, Inc.

Responsible for product management, market analysis, agile development practices and data-driven decision making to ensure products exceed customer experience, technical precision, scalability, and profitability.