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Reduce Compliance Risk in your Call and Contact Center with AI

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Compliance represents a major risk for contact centers, with violations potentially costing organizations millions of dollars in fines and causing reputational damage to the brand. The current method of monitoring calls — using manual review of recorded conversations — does not come close to meeting the requirements for comprehensive monitoring of regulated interactions.

AI text-to-speech technology provides the solution to this dilemma, with its capability to transcribe, translate, redact, find objects and generate searchable indexes of limitless hours of recorded calls in near real-time. By deploying AI solutions, contact center managers can engage in proactive compliance, working to rapidly manage and mitigate compliance violations. Moreover, by leveraging multiple orchestrated cognitive engines, contact centers can attain high levels of accuracy and can add other AI capabilities that greatly enhance contact center performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

During the coming months and years, organizations that enhance their contact centers with AI technology to defuse the compliance timebomb stand to gain a significant competitive advantage over their rivals.

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