US Law Enforcement Agency Transparency & How Technology Can Help

Earlier in 2021, Veritone commissioned a national survey which included a wide-ranging set of questions regarding transparency and the use of technology by our country's law enforcement agencies (LEAs). These findings were recently published in a 2021 US Law Enforcement Agency Trust & Transparency Report.

The report highlights that public misconceptions about policing sometimes occur due to a lack of understanding about operations, a lack of access to records, or how LEAs manage and retain records. With better technology and objective data leading the way, LEAs have the opportunity to shine a light on their operations and answer the public’s call for increased transparency.

Veritone and Microsoft hosted a virtual panel discussion with law enforcement leaders from across the country discussing the report’s findings as well as other related topics and what it all means for our nation’s law enforcement agencies and suggested next steps.

Sign up to watch this on demand webinar and hear from law enforcement leaders: 

  • Chief Steven Casstevens, Buffalo Grove, IL PD (past IACP president)
  • Chief Jorge Cisneros, Anaheim, CA PD
  • Police Commissioner & Superintendent-in-Chief, William Gross, Boston, MA PD
  • Chief John Letteney, Thomasville, GA PD (incoming IACP president)


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